ALU Trio and Trio Black

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The Alu Trio, besides being very powerful, has a elliptical shape so it fits nicely in a BC pocket. The heat sink, commonly found in the lens, has been engineered out, offering unobstructed light. This one hand operated light can be used with either 8 AA or 4 AA-cell batteries with an equal output of 780 lumen. The Trio is easy to pack and perfect for local or travel diving.

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  • Light source: 3 LED Cree XL-M 700mA @ 260 lumen ea. = 780 lumen / 28,000 lux
  • Beam angle is 15° / Focal distance is 5m
  • Torch body: anodized aluminum alloy
  • Powered by: 4 C-cells
  • Switch: self-locking, magnetic sliding switch, one hand operated
  • Weight in water: 166g (6oz.)
  • Maximum operative depth: 300m (1000 ft)
780 Lumen
Power Source
4 C cells
Anodized Aluminum alloy
Beam Angle
Focal Distance
5m or 15ft
Self locking
Weight in water
166g (6oz.)
Max operating depth
300m (1000ft)